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Cheerleaders are often known not as dancers but as athletes. They are seen as athletes as the training can be very intense. At Lucinda Walsh School of Dance we open our squad to children of all abilities. Cheerleading is a group sport that involves lots of team spirit. There are many different elements to a cheerleading class: dance, jumps, basic stunts, tumbles, motions, cheers, chants. We offer optional IDTA exam in Cheer beginning with Cheer Rosettes for which the teacher accompanies the student. Students then work their way through the Cheer medal system. Many of the students that do this class also do the Gymnastics class as they link nicely together.


Freestyle Dance was originally born out of Disco Dancing and films such as ‘Saturday Night Fever’ with John Travolta. Freestyle dance incorporate all the latest music and trends. Freestyle dance allows its dancers of all ages to express themselves freely through movements. Street dance is very similar as it takes its roots from popular music. Groups such as Diversity have made this one of the most popular dance styles.

Our Freestyle/Street class is a combination of these two dance styles. Students learn the correct technique behind the moves as well as learning all the ‘cool’ routines.


Our Freestyle/Street classes have the opportunity to take examinations with the IDTA starting with the Freestyle Rosettes for which the teacher accompanies them. Students then work their way through the Freestyle Medals.

Freestyle / Street

Our Gymnastics Dance class focuses on the floor section of gymnastics. We work to develop student’s dlexibility, control, strength and dance movement. The class is beneficial as often other styles of dance draw on the technique learnt in the gym class, such as core stability and flexibility. We offer examinations with

the IDTA. We begin with the Gym Rosettes where the pupils are led by a class teacher and then we continue to move through the medal grading system.

Gymnastics Dance

Students who study Hip Hop at Lucinda Walsh School of Dance will find that this dance style incorporates a number of street styles including krumping, poppin' and basic break dancing as well as developing ground movements and a real sense of individual style. Predominately danced to hip hop music, the style derived from dancers creating their own dance on the streets of New York. This style will help students to grow in

confidence, develop an understanding of rhythm and co-ordination, develop their own style, perform with attitude and individuality and create a fun safe and enjoyable environment for dancing.\

Our Hip Hop classes have the opportunity to take examinations with the IDTA starting with the Street Rosettes for which the teacher accompanies them. Students then work their way through the Street Medals.

Hip Hop

Tap is rhythm and rhythm is tap. There are many great tap dancers in the history of dance such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Our Tap classes aim to teach rhythm and musicality. We offer optional IDTA exams in Tap beginning with Tap rosettes where the teachers support the children before moving onto the Tap grades. We work through the grades according to age, ability and experience.


Theatre Craft is a fantastic dance form for any child that wants to be a West End Performer. This is an expressive dance form that encourages students to improvise and interpret the music. This style compliments Ballet and two subjects go well together. We offer optional IDTA exams in Theatre Craft beginning with Rosettes where the teacher supports the children before moving onto the Theatre Craft grades where they are

examined without a teacher.

Theatre Craft

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Ballet is a core ITDA dance style and is the foundation of all dance techniques. Our ballet classes aim to encourage imagination and expression allowing confidence to blossom. As our students move up through the classes we work through the grades according to age, ability and experience introducing more knowledge of ballet and concentrating more on developing posture and poise. We offer optional IDTA exams in Ballet beginning with Ballet rosettes and Pre Juvenile Award where the teacher supports the children before moving onto the Ballet grades where they are examined without a teacher.


This class introduces the selected Hip Hop students to the key elements of Break Dancing. Tricks and strengthening exercises are used to encourage individual style and technique of the Hip Hop and Break umbrella of dance. Pre requisite of this class is the Hip Hop classes. Students must reach a certain standard to be invited into this class.

Break (Invite Only)

Prospective parents often call up and are unsure where to start their little ones. This new class is a great starting point for our younger students to explore the world of dance. Classes will incorporate Ballet, Theatre Craft and Tap- all core subjects with the IDTA. This class will draw on imagination and poise from ballet, expression from Theatre Craft as well as rhythm from Tap. Eventually there will be two stages on the timetable. Combo Class Rosette 1 will work towards the Theatre Rosette 1 in Ballet, Theatre Craft and Tap.

Students will then progress onto Combo Class Rosette 2 and complete the Level 2 Rosettes. Once this stage is completed, students will be given the opportunity to move onto the following classes: Pre Juvenile Ballet, Prep Theatre Craft and Prep Tap to continue to follow the grade system taking optional exams with the IDTA.

Combo Class


This is a fantastic class for introducing little ones to movement and dance. It develops creativity, rhythm and social skills whilst building on imagination. Drop in straight from school drop off and become part of a network. Doors open from 8.45am. Come along and have a Tea/Coffee before we start (we like a good chat before we start!)

Mini Movers (from walking - 2 years)


This programme has been developed by the ATOD. We are adding it to our timetable as an in between class for those that have mastered the skills required for Mini Movers but are not quite ready for our combo class or other Mini classes. Free movement, creativity and mime are encouraged. This class incorporates lots of stimuli to aid learning.

Imagine (2 - 3 years)


Dancing, singing and acting are the key elements of Musical Theatre. This class is a great place to learn, grow and develop self-confidence in these skills and experience the fun and excitement of learning songs from popular musicals. Students will have the opportunity to take IDTA medal examinations.

Musical Theatre

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